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Hello from 2010!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hey new friend members, here’s an update on where you can see me….

You guessed it, it’s TWITTER!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

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Welcome to Steven BRODY!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Feels good to be official, go ahead and type it into your browser, It makes so much sense.

Just previewed the link, it definitely scratches that itch.

Must blog, must Tumble, right?

The Hangover out on DVD and VHS this Tuesday!

Follow me on Twitter and Facebook, only if you want.

Also, click below the pic…

E/Bay with Brode

…Hey, down here – > YES!!

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Once a month state mandated blog entry

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It’s Friday Night and you’re alone with Brode!

Not here enough to develop a rhythm, but I’ll do my best in a vest. See what I mean? That was a verbal rhyme.

Let’s backtrack…

This evening I saw Inglorious Basterds at The Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. By self after working on video for Funny or Die, should be good, the video.

IB was alright. I wanted more gore, more Pitt and less subtitles. Enjoyed seeing friends in the movie -> Sam, Paul and B.J.

B.J. Novak is a good guy, back in the day he let me borrow his Westside Rentals password.

Then I drove back and forth in front of the Comedy Store, wondering why I’m not good enough for a Friday night spot. (You wanted honesty?) Have a 1am spot tomorrow night but may cancel, what’s the point?

EVERYTHING I’ve booked in this town has had ZERO to do with my 10 people or less in the audience Comedy Store spots, that’s just a fact.

Please don’t make me connect the dots, people get sensitive.

  • The Hangover -> mostly because of Largo shows with Zach
  • 5 years at Fox Sports -> because of mid-week show at Gower Gultch
  • Sarah Silverman’s Jesus is Magic -> because of The Improv
  • Funny People (though cut out, so was Russel Brand) -> because of Big Fish in Glendale

I could keep going, but I won’t.

Basically what I’m saying is, gotta push forward and put my energy somewhere else. It’s just hard, because I’m from Los Angeles and The Comedy Store was my first club in the mid-90’s.

Grew up in the 80’s driving by it as a young teen on the way to Jack’s place (Mom’s boyfriend who lived by the Comedy Store on Sunset and Alta Loma).

So yeah, moving on and it feels great already.

Check back tomorrow and see if I change my mind.

Told you I have no rhythm.

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Post 4th, run down

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hello Children of the Popcorn, my name is Brody. Some call me Steven, others “Brode”.  A few will even text me. Get it?? It’s based on the word “call”.   Next sentence I shifted to the word “text” to throw you off, hence the non-laugh.

Trust me, a crowd will react to material such as this, but you must be committed to look, act, move and sound like me.  Also back it up with a bio like no other! (Yes, I’ve worked with the guy from Street Smarts)

Bottom line, don’t.  Stick to what got you a house, car, child and wonderful woman.


Let’s chat while I’m in the lobby here in Bellevue surrounded by a large group of Phillipino travelers.   I love those from Manilla, so nice and happy.   It’s fun to be down here blogging, buoyed by the spirit and joy conveyed through the language of pigeon.

So I’m up here for a wedding, my cousin Leslie is all grown up 🙂  I remember the night she was born, 1979 during the MLB All-Star game, which was played in Seattle.  I could be wrong, but I think I’m right, I know baseball!  Pete Rose had his uniform or hat stolen, think he played with a Mariner’s helmet?  I could be wrong? Why don’t U prove it??!!

Ok, time for more coffee and pastry, brb…. (but you get to see the first draft!)


Got what I needed….

Rise Against and Rancid in town Monday (yes, still in the city of Seattle).  Playing the famed WaMu hall between Safeco and Qwest fields (homes of the Mariners and Seahawks).  Basically right on the spot of the former Kingdome, where the Seattle Supersonics played hoop for a number of years.

The Kingdome looked like Mt. Rainier.  Was it designed with that in mind?  I think so.  Never ever crossed my MIND and I lived in Jet City for three years, influenced heavily by caffiene and clouds.

Ticket and backstage?? Somebody make this happen! I wanna rock like a razor, Straight Edge in the pit!!

This will conclude Part One, check back in a few for Part Two.

-I’m your friend for life… sincerity, Steven Brody Stevens,

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Told U I was back to Blogging!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just freeing up my mind on a Saturday before noon…

First off, spot tonight around Midnight at The Comedy Store on Sunset in Hollywood.

Second of all, nothing.

Let’s talk.  Things are good.  Need my coffee.  Maybe I’ll stay here and brew some? Instead of going to Starbucks? Okay, I’ll get the french press going. Brb….

Listening to Michael Jackson right now, this guy had tons of hits, 16.99 worth on ITunes!  And yes I just bought every one of them to sure up my digital collection.  Crazy as he was, you gotta respect and pay yours to this man who touched millions with his talents and spirit.

You can quote me on this! (hopefully, someone will)

The smell of Yuban is lofting over my den… time to drink delicious coffee!


You want updates??  Here they come! My coffee is spilling everywhere! It’s hot and dangerous, sounds like an MJ song. Was coffee ever an inspiration for Michael? I bet you he was caffeine free, religious restrictions.

I love spreading my wings, Twitter and to a lesser extent Facebook doesn’t let you do this.  Welcome to my House!, where it’s just me, and only me.  I’m sure of this.  I check the statistics.

Before we go on any further, I wonder how the formatting looks. I’m writing this on a Mac, looking at it on a Mac, and it appears only okay (fonts and formating seemed bunched and spread out at the same time).  I cringe to witness this on a PC generated image.  This is all small potatoes, but I’m a perfectionist like The King of Pop.


What have I been up to you don’t ask?

Most days of the week, about four of them, I spend over at E! with Chelsea Lately and Chuy. I do the audience warm-up and keep the staff in stitches, LoL and a smile 🙂

I do some videos, the occasional roundtable (back on July 2) and have emceed numerous Comedians of Chelsea Lately live events. We just had two shows in Downtown LA, 1,000 folks for each performance. Not bad, we’re getting traction!


You know what? I also exercise, possibly 5x per week! Swiss ball, push ups, perfect pull up, tubing, kettlebells, Bosu ball, mini trampoline, spin and cycle, jump rope and swim.  Must stay active, let the blood flow and breath. Helps with body and mind, try to complete a session before each important performance, which is EVERY ONE if you ask me! Sugar free Red Bull and healthy supplements do assist me as well.  Plenty of water, greens, protein and fiber.


My back and neck from last year’s car wreck seemed to be healed up pretty good.  But this unrelated tennis elbow/inflamed ulna nerve is driving me nuts.

In pain, all the time.  Hurts to shake.  Can’t play drums or lift things a certain way.  Need to take action and get this thing taken care of, it’s driving me nuts as I continue to self sabotage.  Ignore it, complain about it, make it worse, then get it fixed.  Not a good plan of action if you ask me.  But you are not, because nobody cares.  I check my Twitter numbers and I’m way at the bottom.

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So this is working? I’m back!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Test one, Test two…

Let’s see.

BOOM!! IT IS, En-Joy That.

OK, relax everyone.

First off, I need a Twitter jpeg.

Brode on Twitter!

Okay, so we got that out of the way… Next up? You Tube!

Then we got our Myspace holdouts (which I need to update!)….

Current main squeeze Facebook

Then there’s the old stand-by… Flickr

Yes, I’m in The Hangover

And finally for tonight…. Chelsea Lately on E!

One more for the road…

-Good Night Now!!

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I’m sorry, I blame Twitter and Facebook

Friday, May 1, 2009

So that’s what I’m doing, putting my energy into live afternoon comedy and social platforms.  I should write more long style stories, yes long style stories.  Actually feels pretty good to be typing this right now.  Maybe there’s some hope?

Things are fine currently, spending most of my days helping out E! Networks, specifically the Chelsea Lately television production.  Sometimes I do panel, occasionally a sketch, periodically a web episode.

Boom!  You are now up to date!

(This can’t happen, the most nothing post of all-time?  You’re gonna just click away like nothing happened?  Shame on me, and certainly shame on you for encouraging this “barely do enough” attitude.  NO!  I will not tolorate this effort.  I’m gonna turn off the radio and focus on this monitor, make words appear that amuse many.  That is my goal.  My angle just shifted, it’s about you now.)

Hi, my name is Steven Brody Stevens.  Most people call me Brody, I never asked them to.  I like pitching, drums, tour guiding and playing with Mother’s dog.  Her name is Daisy, Mom’s name is Ms. Berman of Rancho Mirage, CA.

Oh, need to Twitter, it’s like Hi-Def, must have, right?

Ok, here it is -> BrodyismeFriend

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Everyone’s on Twitface and I’m not popular :(

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey crew, Brode here!  Doing well, sending positive blessings to those who need it more than me.

Scratch that! I need it more than THEM because I can share it with the MASSES via URL’s across the land!  

Just taking some bp here, hitting the other way, getting loose, moving over the runner.  Can’t stay sharp posting once a month.  My micro-blogging has really taken off though, but that’s a crowded field.  It’s good to get back out on the big-boy diamond of personal websites.  

Ahh, the fresh cut smell of a link, a bold and the ever present deleted guestbook entry.

-Yes, I’m on Facebook and Twitter.  I’m also on Myspace, it’s for the kids!  Flickr too, but you already knew that.

-I’m good, at Chelsea Lately of E! most afternoons.  Back on panel for a SIXTH seating April 15th, set your pods to cast.

-Two movies out this spring, hoping at the very least for a simple credit, final cut or no. (Funny People and The Hangover)

-I’m a little banged up baseball wise, your run of the mill aches and pains, but I deal on the mound, and with it.

-Will be making my third appearance at Spring Training next week in AZ.  Dinner with Joe Torre and a hug from Manny Ramirez await me in Glendale.

-Shows around town in LA, this Wednesday the 11th @ Largo w/Zach Galifiankis (sold out).  Thursday night 8pm @ The Hollywood Forever Cemetery with Patton Oswalt, Tom Lennon, Bob Odenkirk and a portion of Dinosaur, Jr.

Now we are up to date! 

Back soon, hopefully.

Steven Brody Stevens 

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The Steel City Super Bowl Sensation!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ben led the way with the guidance of coach Mike Tomlin

Ben & Brode in 2007 -> between Super Bowl victories

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